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We want you to enjoy your singing, especially if you are taking your first steps or returning to singing for the first time in many years. The following information will help you to find out more.


Any potential new member is welcome to try a 'taster session', ideally either the first or second session of term to see if they would like to join. Please let SingingXtra know if you would like to try one - contact We will arrange for you to share music with a 'buddy' who will be able to answer any questions you may have. At the end of the session we hope you will decide to join and you will be asked to pay for the full term (or pro rata if not the first session).

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New singers should join in the first week following your taster session. If you need any more information about joining or would like to talk to us first - we're here to help and answer your questions, email Enrolment with SingingXtra means that photos and video may be taken of any individual or group of singers and used for rehearsal, publicity and marketing purposes. Unless notice is given it will be assumed that singers are continuing with the group and a place will be reserved for the following term. This includes over the summer break (see Fees).

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Singing sessions usually run in term time only for a minimum of 10 weeks over 3 academic terms a year and all singing activities are offered subject to satisfactory enrollment numbers.

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Fees may vary each academic year and singers will be notified of any change in advance. Refunds are at the discretion of SingingXtra. You can pay online (please ask for account details) or at a singing session by cash or cheque, made payable to David Meek. After completing your first term, singers can spread the cost of singing by paying half-termly for sessions in advance. A refund (pro-rata) will be given in the case of closure or cancellation due to low numbers.

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Once you have enrolled with SingingXtra you will be eligible to access exclusive online music resources and added to the mailing list to receive e-mail information about singingxtra activities, social and other events. After SingingXtra sends you a link by email, you can access music, lyrics, information, publicity posters, the Newsletters, photos of concerts, social events and any other singing related material. This helps us keep postal costs to a minimum and speeds up communication with you. You will need Internet access to get the maximum benefits from SingingXtra.

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Introduce or register a friend for a Taster Session with SingingXtra and, when they enrol, to say thank you, 1 free singing session will be credited to your account for the following term.

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Members are welcome to send suggestions of a favourite song to SingingXtra for consideration. Songs, if chosen, are then arranged and will be sung in sessions!

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We will endeavour to contact you with a message by text &/or email at the earliest opportunity if a singing session is cancelled (e.g. the venue is closed, the Singing Leader is ill). SingingXtra will make every effort to make up the cancelled session in that term or the next. Session venues may be changed if necessary. If a singing session is re-arranged a refund is not available if you are unable to make the rearranged session. Should it be impossible to rearrange a session, a refund will be made. If a singer is unable to attend please send a message by text or email to the Singing Leader.

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Each singer is responsible for their personal property, SingingXtra shall not be liable for any loss or damage to a singers' personal property before, during or after a singing session or activity. SingingXtra is a trading name of David Meek. SingingXtra reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without notice at anytime.

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